10 May 2014

Premium Beautiful Elegance

Hi dearies...

as semua orang maklum... now dah ada new version of Premium Beautiful... we called it Premium Beautiful Elegance... and the version are much more wealthy wif lace and the fabric is also even smooth than before...

No No No... bad assumption...

This Premium Beautiful Elegance bukan menggantikan Premium Beautiful Classic but this is advance technology...

So, it's advance technology?

yes, sebab functionnya adalah utk mengekalkan kedudukan lemak-lemak yg telah di tetapkan oleh pemakaian Premium Beautiful Classic dan memberi more support to our body...

So let say u dah wear ur Classic version nearly a year but masih sama ur body figure just call your agent so they can come to your place & show u the rite way to wear your Premium Beautiful..

Wearing Premium Beautiful not just wear but ada teknik-teknik how to push, to pull the 'spare tyre' :)

English Version

Malay Version - Premium Beautiful Classic

Malay Version - Premium Beautiful Elegance

So anyone first timer yang baru nak kenal-kenal Premium Beautiful... u should wear Premium Beautiful Classic sebab that's version akn mengalihkan lemak-lemak ke tempat sepatutnya... so your figura will be transform to elegant and more confident off course... then after 6 months at least, u can switch wif Premium Beautiful Elegance... 

To get curvy body it's not hard anymore...n just get a little help from Premium Beautiful corset...

how to get curvey body

Those yg sangat suka berexercise... yes wear this Premium Beautiful when you workout then u can get the result faster...

Different body shape... what yours?

Special with Premium Beautiful... xkira body kita shape apa pun... Insyaallah, it's can cather because our Premium Beautiful is custome made... made for our customer body... so walau saiz kita triple xl sekali pun masih bole fit in Premium Beautiful

yang mana satu idaman kalbu?

How Premium Beautiful is made?

to anyone yg wonder how manufacturing of Premium Beautiful... here, you can read it ;)

How Premium Beautiful made..

so ladies & gentleman...

meet our 

Premium Beautiful Elegance !!

So anyone yang nak mencuba 
Premium Beautiful can 
Contact Nora 013-981 6675

Especially warga Pantai Timur
Kuantan, Kemaman, Dungun, Kuala Terengganu

And pemakai Tegar Premium Beautiful Classic... 

jom transform to Premium Beautiful Elegance...

Do ask me about harga kasih sayang okeh!



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