30 June 2014

Parents Month Celebration !!!

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Hello readers...

Ok as per promised... Nora upkan promo special on  Parents Month... Special for May & June..

Baik hatikan aii... Malaysian nie ada banyak perayaan so berdoalah semoga each event ai will baik hati up promo yerk ehehehehe

wokeh whats special on May & June...

This is the promo... 
Grab this fast special for your loved one your mom, your dad, your inlaws or for your self as per reward diri...

BioVelocity Sleep Mate Combo !!

Buy 1 set of Biovelocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)

Premium Beautiful Combo 1 !!!

Buy 1 set of Premium Beautiful Classic
wif Complimentary Natural Wash


Buy 1 set Waist Nipper 

Premium Beautiful Combo 2 !!

Buy 1 set of Premium Beautiful Classic
wif Complimentary Natural Wash


Buy 1 set Premium Beautiful Short Bra

and Get

Free Bamboo Salt Product Range

Choose between this option

3 boxes of Mineral Coffee 


1 Bottle of Shampoo + 1 bottle of Body Wash 


1 box of Beauty bar


1 bar of Beauty bar + 1 bottle of Shampoo + 1 bottle of body wash

So apa tunggu lagi...

Grab fast this offer ok...

Do Contact 
Nora 013-981 6675


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