20 November 2013

Hello peeps

miss this blog soo much...

yup this is my office, my life journey, my 24/7 online shop... so feel free to read & to order the products 

Shopping online gitew

And my big pleasure if u wanna be part of my Business partners... Welcome in advance dear

My life soo bz for past 2 weeks... actually banyak event & family matters yang nak kena attend... then my kiddos Study & exam weeks... so they are my priority & first responsibility... to be Work from home mom is because of them... 

Walau xupdate blog... uolss bole add Nora at my instagram & FB... Honestly, Nora sudah jatuh cinta sama instagram sebab cepat banget bole update macam-macam ahahahaa...

my ID Nora Hamsan
(in case u not found at sidebar)

My ID norahamsan
(in case u not found at sidebar)

so are u miss me or just stalking my day activities... add me on Instagram bebeh !!!

U follow me i follow u back wokeh...

lets sharing my business activity for tatapan uolss

lets photo speak it self

The beauty of my business, we doing a Personal touch (incase uolss tertanya what is personal touch is)... this is a personal coaching one to one wif my bizz partner... 
selain explain about business plan, business problems and solving, setting income, setting target and we do discuss about a lots of things and also girls things... 
its not fun if not discuss about shawl, dress, make up etc rite... 
opsss no mengumpat session cause it will attract negative aura... we try to avoid as much as possible babeh !

We need positive aura among us !!!

Me Wif Farena

Me Wif my leader Ain Ismail & my Group at Pantai Timur (Terengganu, Pahang)

Me Wif Farena Group

Me wif my dedicated and understanding mommy Ain Ismail

Me wif Mariya under Farena Group

We not only doing personal touch or coaching only but we also sharing the business opportunity to everyone among us... 
kot ada yang tgh tercari-cari peluang nak buat side income in easy way bole jer contact me 
013-981 6675 (Nora)... 

What we means wif easy way is???

Its totally not a Quick rich skim, pyramid skim, profit investment, public mutual, etc but it is a opportunity to own a business... which mean u're the bos... its pure networking business like other franchise concept but no overhead cost, labour cost and utility cost as conventional business...

apa yg easy tu??

because we using Social Media Marketing method... no need tradisional way to go each of house door to door just to introduce the products... wif Social Media Marketing customer looking for us... the products speak for itself !! 

and the Good news is Guidance & Training provided and its FREE

Most important thing
be a half glass full and be a teachable person

so wait no more lets join us & start now !!!

What is Social Media Marketing ??

Ok, if u are now reading my blog.. updating status at Facebook, capture every single momen and post it at instagram...
so, the answer is u're using one of Social Media marketing method... 
still confuse ??? 
Please contact me (Nora 013-981 6675)
Insyaallah, i'll explain more how its works !!

One of My Business sharing
(No photo of clients for marketing purposes)

yes, we doing a DEMO for some of our Products like

So u can ask us to do a Demo before decide to buy it

Product Sharing

to be a good coach to business partner & to build a good networking coverage & strong business we should have knowledge... 

in GLAM (Green Leaders Academy) we have a good classes wif good speakers from the variety backgrounds... from Doctor, executive, Managers, CEO and professional... in GLAM class, we train the best to be the great business man/women...

We provide marketing knowledge, products knowledge and also grooming classes and personal assessment classes yeahhh !!!

All those combinations is a must have knowledge to be a good leader/coaching & business owner !

and the best of all its FREE... yes absolutely FREE coaching from mentor Hanis Haizi and our beloved leaders in GLAM..

My leader Ain Ismail

Product Sharing wif Otai Biovelocity Sleep Mate

The best part is we are everywhere in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and also overseas

GLAM expansion became reality !!

So World without barrier wif Social Media Marketing !!

Me wif my bizz partner in one of our class...
sempat camwhore uuu

One of Seminar for GLAMprenuer

Beside of Classes, Business coaching, business sharing & product sharing... we have a great event to celebrates each of our business partners achivements... 

In GLAM, we not only trained/teaches to generate the big income but we also to enjoy and celebrates our self too... 

hello!! everybody deserve to have a little fun in their life and that's a balance of life rite !

example as below but u can search a lot of event at my sidebar...

Diamond Night wif our beloved mentor & leader

there is one big event at the end of the years... we call it GLAM nite !!! 

Yeah more update soonnn.... please stay tune wokeh!!

More piccas n more foods ehehehehe

ok... talk about online bizz.. we do a postage off course... that's the business works rite!!

as business owner we not only helping business partners to close the deal but we should aware about our own business... do the selling to customers, do a good promotions, good after sales service n building strong networking!!

So after all, this only small portion of my daily routine as a owner of SOHO and own a title of Work From Home Mom... 

Alhamdulillah, from my small step to grab this opportunity and now Alhamdulillah i can looking after my family, my kiddos with my own time arrangement and also squeeze my precious time to do a business... the best part is i have my freedom to do a Solat Dhuha, i really miss to do this before ;)

Why i grab this business networking as my platform?

Yup, many friends ask me... so the answer is this is a good platform to polish my ability and capability... 
i love to be among positive vibes... and most important thing is it's easy & flexible business... 

no need to save a lots of products at home as we are not a mini stockist, no need to make the products... the product is ready made with high quality standard, each products have a flyers, training provided by company and its FREE, company have variety of products to customer choose... 

the most important things is no need to pay utilities, workers... all we need only internet and Computer... Intelligent Phones & Tablet is not compulsory but if u have those gadget it is advantages!!!

After all, we should grab a opportunity when its knocking our door... 

if u're one of the many person out there who a looking for extra income or just wonder how this business works... 

Please do not hesitate to contact me 
Nora 013-981 6675... 
Insyaallah, i'll try my best to show u n guide u in every steps...

lots of love,

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