25 October 2013

Mineral Coffee anyone ??

Sure ramai minat minum coffee kan...

Kalau dulu kita minum coffee di kedai kopi gitu... Now dah upgrade dgn nama kopitiam, coffee bean, starbuck gitew..

Kalau xde peminat coffee dan segala susur galurnya takkan starbucks & cofee bean bole buat business kan... there something opportunity yang diorg ambil for expand their business...

So now nora nak bercerita pasal Mineral Coffee...

Pernah dgr tak? 
rasanya dulu xberapa nak dengar kan... but now rasanya dah jadi syndrom dah Mineral Coffee nie kan...

First thing sure ramai nak tahu..

Apa itu Mineral Coffee ?

Mineral Coffee atau kopi mineral ialah kopi pertama di dunia dan mungkin satu-satunya kopi yang mengandungi garam buluh. 

Gabungan unik garam dan adunan kopi robusta tanpa gula ini memberikan kopi mineral satu rasa yang lazat serta kebaikan untukkesihatan seluruh keluarga.

Every one bole menikmati kopi mineral.. tak kira pengidam darah tinggi, kencing manis etc

If kebiasaannya 3 in 1 coffee or drink kita mengandungi creamer, sugar & preservative yang berlebihan.. Kini dengan berubah kepada kopi mineral adalah lebih menjamin kesihatan kita..

Garam dalam Coffee??

lets read this..

A small sprinkle of salt will suppress bitterness – and in some cases it can benefit the overall coffee flavor. I’ve tried it with an espresso and somehow it works, but it’s difficult to describe the flavor. - See more at: http://blog.khymos.org/2010/03/21/a-pinch-of-salt-for-your-coffee-sir/#sthash.JXFSOM35.dpuf

I prefer my coffee black, and politely decline when offered milk and sugar. However, if offered salt I would probably smile and say “Yes, please!” Salt???! It turns out that adding salt to coffee is not as weird as it may sound at first. There is a tradition for adding a pinch of salt to coffee in Northern Scandinavia, Sibir, Turkey and Hungary. And when available, such as in coastal areas where fresh water from rivers mixes with the salt sea, one would simply use brackish water when preparing coffee. This water typically has a salt content of 0.5-3%, which is lower than the average 3.5% in seawater. This results in a more intense taste and more foaming. And if living far from the sea, the Swedish food blogger Lisa Förare Winbladh let me know that in Northern Sweden one would deliberately add salt if using melt water from glaciers for making coffee. But tradition aside, is there a scientific explanation of this widespread tradition of preparing coffee with addition of salt? The first thing that comes to mind is that salt reduces bitterness. And to be more precise it is the sodium ion (Na+) that interferes with the transduction mechanism of bitter taste. But interestingly the mechanism behind this is not fully understood! One of my very first blog posts was about tonic water and how one by adding salt can suppress the bitter taste and make tonic water more or less sweet. It’s a fascinating experiment that you should try at home. Expect to use about 1,5-2 g salt for a glass with roughly 1,5 dL (150 g) of tonic water. It’s a good idea to start with a little salt and taste it as you go. - See more at: http://blog.khymos.org/2010/03/21/a-pinch-of-salt-for-your-coffee-sir/#sthash.JXFSOM35.dpuf

So, memasukkan garam dalam coffee bukan amalan baru but lama dahulu yang di monopoli oleh orang Scandinavia, Turkey & hungary...

Apa pulak Garam Buluh or Bamboo Salt?

Garam buluh mengandungi kandungan mineral magnesium yang tinggi dan mineral-mineral lain yang baik untuk badan kita seperti zat besi, kalsium dan potassium. Mineral-mineral yang ada membantu badan kita menyerap nutrien ke dalam badan.

dan garam-garam di pasaran sekarang ada yang tiruan sebab tu harganya murah..

sebab kandungan mineralnya kurang and zero pun ada.. More about Garam Buluh here

So yang bestnya Garam Buluh nie bukan sahaja bole digunakan dalam masakan, minuman tetapi terdapat juga dalam produk kecantikan dan penjagaan diri kami...

and Garam Buluh by our Company sudah mendapat pengiktirafan KAEM
(Certified ingenuity of bamboosalt)

So lets kita tukar kebiasaan 3 in 1 coffee wif more healthy coffee which is Mineral Coffee !!

and u know what?

u can generate income wif Coffee mineral business

Contact me for further explanation
Nora - 013-981 6675

so wait no more guys
lets start our healthy life

Contact me for orders yeah !!

Minum mineral coffee and at the same time generate extra income !!


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