24 September 2013

10 Rules of Failures

Taken from our Celebrity Mentor Hanis Haizi


I always share about success stories... now I want to share some failure tips ( semoga kita dijauhkan!) and this as a reminder to all my fellow business partners not to follow the foot steps of failures ok?

Why people fail in the business?

1) Lack of training or no Self- Growth

If you are unteachable or aren’t willing to invest in your self growth you will fail.  The other end of the pendulum is desperately wanting training but not having any available. 

But normally for the some people they make excuses for not coming to the training for certain reasons. Alhamdullilah for all GLAMPRENEURS we provide training centers all over region in Malaysia, including East Malaysia as well. 


As the famous saying goes, 

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” 

You need to have a very solid goal when achieving something short term and long term. Most of people they tend to play safe and they are too afraid to dream big

3) Commitment

Trying Any & Every Program and never committing to any of them.  It takes times to build a business, and you just can’t quit and try something new because it didn’t work the first few times your tried it. 

Get someone to help you who knows what they are doing.  Have them watch you and give you suggestions.  And as for me I only give commitment to those who are willingly want to commit with me. 

4) Procrastination

Do i need to say more? Success doesn't happen overnight.  Some people they don't know what, and when to prioratise.  They just do the business for you know just doing it, when they feel like doing it... and obviously you won't see that much of result in you.  

I still remembered my early stage of doing the business i keep my head high, my focus and my momentum. Don't ever get distracted, - Raya, Holiday, Shopping, Falling sick, etc yada yada... you can have the list goes on and on.  But the end of the day is YOUR SUCCESS.  Not the LEADERs. :) So you decide! Take action!

5) Lack of Consistency

On and off, ups and downs..Only doing your business when it is convenient or doing it every now and then will not bring you success. You must have actions planned every business to make your home based business grow. If you run your own company, your company will probably end up with bankrupt

6) Fear

The only thing I can say about this one is that you have a choice.  Your fear or success.  You can’t have both.  You might feel like your heart is going to pound right out of your chest the first time you go to talk to a stranger about your opportunity, (mine did), but when you get your 1st, then your 10th...and 50th clients.. the rest will form a routine.  You will basically know what to talk and how to do it.  Every single steps you must follow! Don't even miss the steps!!

7) Negativity

Too much negativity inside your mind and heart won't bring you anywhere.  In business if we want to be successful first think first we have to be very positive inside and out.  If you find yourself in difficult situation, remember this is not THE END of the time.. it could happened worst case ever that you cannot think of.. but life must goes on.  

What ever it is, REFER to your MENTORs / LEADERS insyaAllah you will find a way! Always mingle around with them, talk with them not only as a leader as a friend as well.  In a way the positive aura will 


Most of people only know how to TALK THE TALK, most of people they forgot to WALK THE WALK.  They just you now share all their dreams, goals, quotes... through social media and thinking it is enough! No of course not.  You gotta prove it honey.  For me it is more like my pride when I already TALK or mention it to other people or my friends.  So I will make a commitment towards it!

9) Excuses 

You can have RESULTs, or you can have EXCUSES. But you cannot have both! Loser make excuses, they love to blame other people, or things or what ever makes them feel comfortable or less guilty. 

10) Change to Slow

You must adapt with changes around you, business is no longer like the same old thing that we used to do it on daily basis.  So its time to STEP UP, knowing what action need to take is very important.  Accept comments and advise from your leaders .  They are the best teachers for you.  Don't take too long to realize now this is the best time!

11) Lack of Leadership

I've been searching a true leader that can lead me by my side and end up I have non.  From the day one I joined the business I am leader-less.. I'm on my own 100%.  But I never blame anyone because of this.. probably this is part of the challenges that I have to face in order for me to move forward. 

So I don't want to be like my previous so called leaders.. I want to be way better than them.  Of course nobody perfect, we cannot please 100% of people.  But what ever it is, try to learn improve from time to time.  A leader not just by a TITLE nor the POSITION, but it comes with a PASSION and RESPONSIBILITY. 

Having GLAM on our own now is the biggest task ever, but alhamdullilah with the support given from our CEO and GM to our TEAM I am so honored.  Now our business partners not only across South East Asia, but expanding towards Asia Region and also European country. 

Success doesn't come easy you must be able to step forward.  Develop your mental strength is very important too.  Remember you are not alone in this journey.  InsyaAllah we will walk this hand in hand together! 

I'll see you at the *TOP!!


Now you know la kan...

Why i'm so bless join this GLAMprenuers Group...

Bertuah berada di bawah payung GLAm & Dazzling wings

Bertuah berada juga di bawah bimbingan our beloved leader Ain Ismail

We support each other
We works as TEAM

But our Mentor & leader memang tegas dlm mendidik...

Alwaz checking our progress... sampai kecut perut mak nak hihihi

Mana nak dapat semua nie kan 
kalau kerja makan gaji pun memang ada bos yang checking our progress but boss usually not as good as leaders...

That's why we had this special quote !

But xsemua bos camtu kan ada yang memang bagus sangat2 dalam menjalan tanggungjawab..

 alhamdulillah if u had a good boss yang can act as a good leader to you..

Yang penting dalam bizz nie, lagi banyak kita buat lagi banyak kita dapat...

At GLA, we have a good recipe to success...


so, wanna join us..

Do contact me 
013-981 6675
email me 


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