17 July 2013

One day wif Prof. Dr Lawrance Lim

Hi uolss..

This is antara event organised by GLAM 

The best we had in GLAM is KNOWLEDGE

banyak event yg berkaitan just to enhanced our knowledge dalam bizz, social media marketing class, product class and also beauty class siap make over uuu

so this is a beauty talk by Prof. Dr Lawrance

Who is Prof Dr Lawrance ??

Here is the biodata of Prof.

The Date & Venue 

The Venue at Setia City Convention Centre

So being me yg xberapa explore jalan-jalan baru nie terkial-kial jugalah mencari sampai sesat barat but Alhamdulillah, sampai juga sesudah di'rescue' oleh Mommy Ain ehehe

That day Prof Dr Lawrance or mesra di panggil Dr Lim sahaja..

Beliau berkongsi cara how to take care of our health 
Inner and outer

So antara tips beliau yang bole kita sama-sama praktikkan ialah

1. Drink 500ml plain water after wake up in the morning
2. Drink 500ml plain water before lunch
3. Drink 500ml plain water before dinner
4. Eat breakfast 1 hour after wake up in the morning not depends on the clock to take food but depend on body signal
(Means bila rasa lapar that's a signal to take lunch ;))

so banyak sgt another tips yang Dr Lim share
and the best part is Dr Lim share kesan penggunaan our Health & Beauty Product Range

Yang Pasti Maharani bukan milik wanita lagi sebab mens pun bole consume to boost their stamina

So, after this selain Tongkat Ali.. Maharani is another option ;)

This Talk takes 4 hours wif Q&A session

in between macam biasalah kan sure ada sessi camwhore gitew

Me wif Wanie

Candid by Mommy Ain

Me Wif Wanie & Biena

Me wif Prof Dr Lawrance (macam Giant haku eh)

Activity semasa rest... Bincang how to buy shawl ehehehe
GLAMprenuers wif Prof Dr Lawrance

Our Beauty & Healthy Product Range

Yup, we have variety of  Beauty & Healthy Products
from this range we can start our bizz wif low capital but still can earn 4-5-6 figures income..

Ask me How to start your own part time/full time bizz

013 981 6675 (Nora)

and this is a part of the range for Internal & External well being

and we have alot of Internal and External well being

Just Ask Me

Whatssapp 013 981 6675


Note: We an authorized dealer of Premium Beautiful. We provide professional service and consultation to make sure you all get the best. Free demo and consultation provided.

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