22 April 2013

Be Good, Be Great, Be GLAM !!!

Special entry for our Founder of my Group in bizz now...

Alhamdulillah... di jodohkan dengan GLAM.. and we are officially called GLAMprenuers..

Ada orang bermula wif bizz dengan pelbagai pengalaman pahit, di tinggal leader, masuk group yang salah... 

But syukur sangat... Nora bermula dengan group yang betul yang alwaz support each other walaupun sidelines... yang paling best our mentor CDM Hanis Haizi... xpernah putus2 memberikan motivasi dan guide us...

Our leader sendiri DDM Ain pun memang sangat-sangat komited dengan bizz partnernya... from day 1 nora dalam bizz nie memang xpernah lepaskan tangan an... walau ada surutnya nak nak part motivasi but Ain nie tahu jer nak petik button utk membarakan semangat yang malap...

sangat-sangat beruntung di kelilingi oleh insan-insan yang bertuah nie...

yang sangat sangat best we do online bizz... marketing thru online and menggunakan sepenuhnya teknology yang ada... from Whatssapps, Chatting in Yahoo Messenger, emails, Facebook, Blog, Instagram and now keek... wooweee...

we are pioner in Social Media Marketing !!!

apa kata our CDM Hanis


How to be in the RIGHT group!

There are many groups out there.

You can't deny that some are more successful than others.

So Why GLAM?

Green Leaders Academy Malaysia also known as GLAM 
is the leading pioneer in online marketing in Malaysia.

GLAM is also responsible for the revolution 
in the way network marketing is done today.

GLAM has put the name of Premium Beautiful 
where it is today on GOOGLE. 

We are everywhere, from blogs to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and the more recent Keek.

We have proven that we are GLAMourous 
but we are also highly RESULT ORIENTED


and is the 1st group to have establish training in online marketing & social media marketing techniques

With over 200 Diamonds under our wings, 
these numbers are growing.

We are proud with the successes of our business partners.

Celebrating over 20 Crown Diamonds in a span of just 3 years.

Our travel track record for the past 3 years :-

Perth & Switzerland
10 Qualifiers 

Hong Kong
60 Qualifiers (2 bus)

Holland & Belgium 
50 Qualfiers (1 bus)

100 Qualfiers (1 flight)

150 Qualifiers (1.5 flight)

Paris & London 
100 Qualifiers

Insya-Allah more!

GLAM were chosen to represent our company 
for Bella Awards and Bella Talk Show:-

Hanis Haizi, Maisarah Ibrahim, Naa Kamaruddin, Sha Khalid, 
Nur Faziha & Shaliza Aziz

Not only are we all over Malaysia, 
but we have expanded into GLAM Qatar, GLAM United Kingdom, GLAM Singapore & GLAM Brunei. 
We have GLOBAL presence

We represented the company during Diamond Night 2012 and Guangzhou Gala Dinner to give speech in front of 7,000 people

We have been featured in numerous publications and national TV
Berita Harian, Utusan, Majalah Nur, Hijabista, Intrend, Nona, Harmoni, TV9 & NTV7

This is why...

We are GLAMpreneurs!
Leaders who know how to talk the talk 
and know how to walk the walk!

You could be next!

Take the next step and be part of our team today!

Find out more now why you should be a part of GLAM.

To all our clients, friends, families & business partners who made it all possible.

Thank you for making us No. 1 in Malaysia.

haaa kannn...

tu kata-kata from our Mentor... betapa besarnya jaringan GLAM nie... sampai xterasa I in the TEAM and memang xder pun capital I dalam T.E.A.M

let,s join us...

Now we have Junior GLAM Plan... sangat sesuai for students, housewife, bank blacklisted and so onn...

Ask me How

013-981 6675 (nora)


email me 


Note: We an authorized dealer of Premium Beautiful. We provide professional service and consultation to make sure you all get the best. Free demo and consultation provided.

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