22 March 2013

Olivenol Anyone ???

nak share wif uolss..

another supplement yg my kids ambil for boost their imunisasi..

Walau namanya supplement which is membawa maksud makanan tambahan but ini adalah bahan semulajadi without preservative and offcourse from buah yang original (eh ada yag fake ke buah :P)

Pernah dengar Olivenol or Jus Buah Zaitun... this is the bottle

The Packaging

The Bottle

ok sure ramai nak tahu the benefits to take this Olivenol kannn?

Ok taken from the pamplet

"What is Olivenol Plus Essence & Its Benefits ??

Olivenol Plus Essence is a Proprietary preparation of water soluble polyphenols of Hidrox (Olea europaeaL.).  It is known to provide powerful free radical scavenging activity to asist the body;s health and wellbeing."

Direction to use
1-2 ml daily

More info : www.olivenol.my

Effectnya :

Alhamdulillah my boys yang ada mild eczema kat area pelipat tu dah beransur hilang... mula2 memang seksa coz healing process.. but now getting better

Yang seksa coz this olivenol berusaha membersihkan hati from steroid yang dah bertapa dalam badan my kids :(

Mind u this is not a medicine tau... so Olivenol (Jus buah zaitun) nie kaya with antioksida.. this juice di perah dari kulit buat zaiton

Rasanya adalah pahit-pahit masin gitew.. mula2 memang my kids xberapa berkenan dengan rasanya but lama-lama they use it... Rayqal bole telan camtu jer.  Rayyan musti dgn his milk & Along pun dah slowly bole telan camtu. Alhamdulillah.

Ok, the price adalah a bit mahal which is the 60ml Olivenol cost me RM199 which is can last until 2 bln if only 1 kid yg ambil... but for me yg ambil smpi 3 org then their mum pun menebeng sama occasionally so 60ml nie last for 2 weeks huhuhu

But wif the kesannya Alhamdulillah

Yang paling best & surprise me also... Rayqal dah  bole selang beberapa hari ambil his Thyroid hormon yg His Paeds prescribkan coz from my experimental... this olivenol menaikkan bacaan darah Thyroid his T4 & T3 (How... biarlah rahsia... kang ada Dr sue ai plak ehehehe)

Please dapatkan nasihat Doktor ok... 

So last but not least...

Model yang berpuas hati ;)

Model yang tak pernah menghampakan ;P


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