05 March 2013

GLAMpreneur Mentor on TV

Woweee !!!

Dari mula lagi taw nora join this Bizz adalah from aspirasi wanita ini... she so WOW factor.. kalau dulu, tetiap hari nak baca blog wanita ini...

Now after join this bizz, bila pergi kelas GLAM or mana2 seminar bizz yg GLAM anjurkan slot wanita ini yang Nora dok tunggu... best sgt dengar kata-kata motivasi from mouth wanita ini...

Yang bestnya.. sapa sangka from ordinary (but she describe boring ahahaha) housewife she can turn her life to successfull business women...

And Now Nora bernaung di bawah GLAM & the founder of this GLAM is a this WOW women !!!
and sooo true memang betul2 GLAM uolss...

From newspaper, Magazine, Now TV show... then xlama lagi Bella award (which is nora akn update laterr)

From ordinary housewife she's now a celebrity uolss... soo inspired..

benarlah kata-kata wanita nie dlm setiap seminar...

"This business bring the BEST in YOU!!"

Siapa this WOW women ???

off course CDM Hanis Haizi

and this is taken from his blog 

"Alhamdullilah I got an opportunity to represent the company and represent our Team GLAM to be on TV!

It such an honour to be part of Bella show. The show is all about women. Being successful in this Beauty and Network Marketing industry has turn my life around. It always been my dream to be appear on TV, Magazine and so on! can't believe it come true!

For those who are still searching what kind of business is right for you , I guess this is the best platform for every women out there for those who has no experience in marketing or business background. This business bring the BEST in YOU!! "

Proud to be Her GLAMprenuers

Best kan... Lets join us babeh !!!!

let's GLAM

How ???

Call me / WhatssApps me


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