15 February 2013

Moo Goo Story

Presenting our family new skin care...

owh to be specific... my kiddos & me ehehe...

moo goo starter pack

the prices for this starter pack is RM187... but bole thn dlm 1 month+++ ikut penggunaan la... so far we all pakai Rayyan + Rayqal (hardly use), Ain + me + hubby (sometimes)... dah masuk 3 weeks but still ada lg ehehehe

why we choose this?

ok lets story begin..

start wif me... nora ada asthma actually... then if tersalah guna pencuci pinggan confirm melelas kulit uuu... agaknyer from asthma history masa kecil & dah ada gene steroid dlm tubuhku  ... from there the gene inherits by our sons... 

which is Rayyan & rayqal.. but Rayqal ni hampir dpt asthma but luckily nora ada experience from abgnya Rayyan so nora dah learn what to do to avoid..

asthma and eczema cam adik beradik... some ada dpt dedua some salah satu... but my sons nie dpt dedua.. but the mild one... xde lah nampak sgt but yes still there...

and he hate hot wheather... yer loo... bila berpeluh start la gatal satu badan... kalau buat family outing nak tmpt air cond jer ekekeke

lets see the eczema..

Part body yg Rayyan dok complain gatal.. but xde la merah camtu cuma that part kasar & menebal

yup tgn pun ada eczema but this one my boys xde la.. 

nie cth yg teruk but my boys don't get this

siannyer.. if our kids had this

Alhamdulillah, msk 4 years Rayyan dah pulih from asthma & no need to bergantung to neb etc... so bye bye steroid ;)

but masalah lain timbul.. which is kulit dia start kasar & menebal at some part here

yes this one yg Rayyan dpt but Rayqal only time nyamuk gigit ;)

so, after awile we use ubat farmasi... wah memang pantas tuntas gitew... kejap jer hilang... but bila xguna dtg blk... so dah jd bergantung gitew... which is no good ;(

Start Rayqal ada.. he got same problem wif Rayyan... bila batuk panjang sket jer.. wheezing... then kena ambil SP-Cortil which is steroid remedy for asthma huhuhu

then skin very fragile.. nyamuk gigit or semut bite etc.. confirm berkudis... then again we use farmasi cream...

until one day i bump to one group... membuka mata ai wif vaccine issues, natural remedy, eczema, baby health issues... i learn a lot uolss...

then i decide to switch our kiddos creams... then to give them olivenol to boost their antibody... this olivenol will blog it out later ;)

so far coz Rayyan already wif steroid cream for long time so he had healing crisis yg sgt2 lama & teruk... smpi at some point i nak stop using moogoo then switch blk the farmacy cream huhuhu... but Rayqal heal very fast.. Alhamdulillah

Sorry no their healing crisis photo coz i don't want to remember the sad part ;).. it's hurt me ;(

our doter Ain... Alhamdulillah, my girl had no skin problem at all and no athma... she in good health conditions... pompuan relaks jer xde skin problem but the boys pulak yg dpt huhuhuhu

last but not least...

presenting our MooGoo models ;P

my sweet little pie Along

My sweet little muffin Rayqal

no photo of Rayyan coz he in hibernation mode ;)

will update the outcome for couple of months 

stay tune babe ;)


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