18 October 2012

Green Leaders Group East Coast

backdated update nie taw..

ok, sorotan Gerak Gempur Green Leaders Group East Coast..

Sangat beeeessstttttttt..

As i say before in Green Leaders Group we provide FREE coaching with gojes & also mentor yang dah berjaya with this field..

We Provide FOC knowledge from Leaders yang berjaya

apa yang penting follow each step diorg untuk berjaya

If dalam exam xbole meniru.. but with this beautiful group memang kita syorkan meniru every steps our leaders..

best kan

jom kita menjamu mata with the piccas !!!

The Venue ~ Riyaz Heritage Marina

The Event

The Speaker ~ our mentor Hanis Haizi

One of the Speaker ~ CDM Salha Zain

With my leader ~ DDM Ain Ismail

Our East Coast Group

Group Photo after Personal Touch with our Mentor after event

last but not least

Gambar Puan Tanah with Our Mentor Hanis Haizi

I heart u Hanis !

How to be part of Green Leaders Group !!!

Call me now !!

013-9816675 (nora) or


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