29 September 2012


Hoola uolss,

akhirnya dapat juga mencoret rasa..

life so hectic for me start Ramadan until now..

I pray hard to be strong for my family & Alhamdulillah i'm strong enough because of them..

Thank you sooo much & big hugs for my beloved husband, my cute sweet little pie Along Damia, My adorable muchkin Rayyan & cheeky little one Rayqal.. u're my inspiration ever..

Us.. excuse my pinggan face :P

Insyaallah, my life will turn 180 deg in few weeks ahead ;)

I will be someone new with new responsibility & task (thats already in my imagination start from day one i was peggie Along Damia ahahahaha opss excuse my hubby bunny ;P)

but no worry this beautiful bizz alwaz in my heart & i will work for it until i'll achive my dreams ;)

the fact is more exciting agenda will be happen to me in future & i'm really looking forward..

I think better i stop my rambles now..

have a great weekend uolss

luv uolls

pssttt !!!!!

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