23 September 2012

Biozone Food Purifier ~ Part 1

Holla uolss...

Lama betul Nora menghilang yer... bz bebeno dgn kerja hakiki & also bizz appointment... i have been updating everyday my status on Facebook... 

Xfollow lagi... jom follow norahamsan on FB also instagram ;)

Ok now nora nak share satu lg produk kesihatan from my bizz

This taken from my mentor aka Hanis Haizi


Ladies & Gentlemen,

May I present to you...

Chicken, like you've never seen before!

Under process of purification to rid of toxins, undigestable fatty acid & any contamination.

View the pictures & video below to see.

Closely, raw chicken..

purification using

BIOZONE Food Purifier



The first few minutes 

You can see foam like substance appearing on top. 

Looks like "fats" are on the bubbles... Now it starts to smell bad a little. 

This is close to 30mins... 

Look at how much the "bubbles" have accumulated.

We scooped it up. The texture is sticky and gooey 

Wiped it and tried to burn it to see 
if this in actual fact just normal "bubble"?

You judge for yourself. That's just ONE serving of chicken,

"Imagine, if we eat chicken EVERYDAY for the NEXT 10 years, 
how much of that TOXIN is in our body now?!"


Haaa amacam kawan-kawan.. risau tak lepas tgk video from my mentor tu...

sedap tak kalau kita tgk serving cenggini

imagine how many toxin dah masuk dlm badan kita??

thats why sekarang penyakit macam-macam dan pelik-pelik

Semua berpunca from our food..

Pernah dgr "mencegah lagi baik dr merawat"..

so apa tggu lagi???

Jom dapatkan this BIOZONE Food Purifier

Contact (Nora) 013-9816675


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