17 July 2012

Segamat & Muar again !!

Hi uolss,

This weekend nora berada di Segamat & Muar area for 3 days Jumaat hingga Ahad (20 July - 22 July 2012) for Bizz Appointments & Balik kg hohohoho

so warga Segamat & Muar bole call me, 
Nora 0139816675 for appoinment..

for those yg nak tahu about my Beautiful bizz or nak try test out Premium Beautiful corset pun bole call/sms me wokeh :)

Why i lurve my bizz.. if u joining me now !!

  • your first bonus next month will be RM4,500 so Sangat-sangat best utk raya sakan ok ;)
  • bizz nie ada mentor, so u will not loose & ada org yg guide from A-Z.. from zero to Hero
  • this bizz win win situation, siapa buat dia dapat
  • Produk Superbrand
  • Company yg kukuh
  • and many more

just call me Nora 013-9816675 or 

for appointment & i will show u how ;)


Note: We an authorized dealer of Premium Beautiful. We provide professional service and consultation to make sure you all get the best. Free demo and consultation provided.

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