09 January 2012

Birthday Celebration Rayyan Darwisy

Back dated entry.. supposed on 17th November 2011

sebab lamaaa ada dlm draft so meh kita share :)

Celebration of our 2nd child - Angah Rayyan Darwisy 3rd Birthday

Buat kat Nursery before skul holiday, celebrated among his frends, teacher & Along Afrina since along kat sebelah jer kan.

Happy Birthday my dear boy :)

We luvv u much... enjoice the picture ;)

The Cake - Angry Bird

The Cake II

Kakak Mithali - Suap Birthday Boy

Abih sessi kat skul, malamnyer buat Family Small celebration at Secret Recepi Mesra Mall.. after papa blk dr Kuantan ;)

Beloved Papa

Along Afrina

Birthday boy yang xhirau pun food, dpt car selamattt

Cheese Cake, supposed Birthday boy yg celebrate but mama & papa yg bedal ;p


Moi - Chicken cornish

Papa - Grill Chicken + rice (lupa ler full name dia).. 
ermm xsedap ;p


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