16 November 2011

My Pregnancy Story :)

Hi uolss...

This week officially i'm 32 weeks a.k.a 8 bulan...

This pregnancy memang sgt2 lain & sgt2 mencabar...

First sebab Nora start berbizz Premium Beautiful before pregnancy so memang mencabar la dgn morning sickness etc. Tapi yang best sebab this bizz lah Nora xpikir sgt all the problems. Yg fikir how to nak establish this bizz, nak tolong bizz partner, nak close all appointments ekekeke. Alhamdulillah, semua Nora lalui dgn penuh optimis & positive. I likeeeee ehehehe

Hopefully, baby nie nanti adalah fighter, independent & positive person. Wokeh baby :)

The second cabaran is my health, this pregnancy lah Nora disahkan Gestational Diabetes. If buku merah ibu mengandung tu terus dpt sticker Hijau & baru-baru nie naik pangkat sticker kuning ahahahaha

Padahal previous pregnancy sticker putih means xder masalah kesihatan ;)

Masa ini lah ada UTI which means ada protein dlm Urine & need antibiotic because of infection etc. ehehehe

eheheh nie dah rupa sotong eh... 

Third Cabaran is, pregnancy this time my hubby kena plak seconded at Gebeng. So memang dari awal pagi urusan anak2 totally depends on me. Bukan anak2 jer termasuk urusan rumah, kadang2 kereta etc semua atas mak yong. So memang mak yong this time very independent. Memang berguna sungguh kemahiran multitasking mak yong ekekeke. Pregnancy check-up pun alone & bole di kira lah berapa kali hubby ikut sama huhuhuhu. 
i likeee ekekeke

And banyak lg lah yg xbest tapi xperlah malas nak letak kat sini tu semua aura negative, so nak lupa cepat-cepat ehehehe

So apa nak citer sebenonyer ekekeke..

Nak citer pasal Gestational Diabetes sebenoyer.. so nora copy from babycentre.com buat panduan ibu-ibu yg senasib dgn Nora..

What is gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes means diabetes that develops for the first time during pregnancy. It affects up to 14 per cent of mums-to-be.

Diabetes happens when your body can't produce enough of a hormone called insulin. Insulin is made by your pancreas, and it does two jobs:

regulating the amount of sugar available in your blood for energy;
enabling any sugar that isn't needed to be stored. During pregnancy your body has to produce extra insulin to meet your baby's needs, especially from mid-pregnancy onwards. If your body can't manage this, you will have too much sugar in your blood. It's then that you may develop gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes usually goes away after your baby is born. It's unlike other types of diabetes, which are lifelong conditions.

How will I know if I have gestational diabetes?

If your doctor thinks you're likely to develop gestational diabetes, he should arrange for you to have a test. See our section How will I know if I'm likely to develop gestational diabetes to find out more.

The test you'll have is called an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and you'll be offered it between 24 weeks and 28 weeks of your pregnancy.

cengginilah routine Nora once every 2 weeks

Your doctor will most likely test your urine for sugar at each antenatal appointment. If there is sugar in your urine this could be a sign of gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes often doesn't have any symptoms, but you may experience the following:

  • tiredness - ada sket2
  • excessive thirst - xder la plak
  • passing a lot of urine - yup ada.. tapi bukan org pregnancy cenggini ker? ekekeek
  • blurred vision - owh saya memang dr azali rabun ekekeke
  • if you have any of these symptoms, tell your doctor.
How will having diabetes affect my pregnancy?

This really depends on how well you look after yourself. If you can control gestational diabetes carefully, you will be doing the best that you can for you and your baby.

The main problem with having too much sugar in your blood is that it crosses the placenta to your baby. This means that there is a small risk that he could grow large. A big baby can make labour and birth more difficult. You may need to have your baby by caesarean section.

If your unborn baby is affected by too much blood sugar he may have health problems after he's born. These problems may be low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia)and jaundice. Your baby's blood sugar levels may need to be monitored for a while in the neonatal unit.

Babies born to mothers with diabetes are also more prone to obesity and type 2 diabetes in later in life. As your baby grows, teaching him about healthy eating will help to protect him.

How will I know if I'm likely to develop gestational diabetes?

  • You have a higher chance of developing gestational diabetes in pregnancy if: Your body mass index (BMI) is above 30. - no BMI ai normal u
  • You have already given birth to a large baby weighing 4kg or more. - yup Rayyan kes
  • You have had gestational diabetes before. - No
  • You have a family history of diabetes. Say, if you have a parent, grandparent or sibling with diabetes. - No
  • Your family origins suggest you may be prone to diabetes, particularly if you are of South Asian, African-Caribbean or Middle Eastern descent. - No
Can I do anything to prevent gestational diabetes?

You can reduce your risk of getting gestational diabetes by:

  • Eating a balanced diet of wholegrain carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. - Yes, tgh diet huhuhu
  • Taking exercise to help control your blood sugar levels. It's safe to do all sorts of exercise during pregnancy, such as yoga, Pilates, walking and swimming. - kemas2 rumah, siap2 kan anak aci tak ekekeke
  • Keeping your weight gain under control.- yup memang control skrg
  • Stopping smoking. Smoking is bad for your unborn baby, and increases the risk of developing gestational diabetes. Yet another reason to give up. - owh, i hate somoking person taw ekeke
How is gestational diabetes treated?

You'll probably be able to manage gestational diabetes by eating healthily and taking regular exercise. Your doctor will advise you on how to control your blood sugar levels by:
  • eating a balanced diet;
  • cutting down on sugary foods and drinks. 
  • If you were overweight before you got pregnant your doctor will recommend you cut down on calories and do at least 30 minutes' exercise a day. 
Your doctor will show you how to monitor your blood sugar levels. Then you will be able to check whether the changes you've made are making a difference.

You should be offered extra ultrasound scans to check on how your baby is growing and how much amniotic fluid you have.

What if diet and exercise isn't enough?

Sometimes, gestational diabetes can't be controlled by healthy eating and exercise. This happens to between 10 and 20 per cent mums-to-be with gestational diabetes. If you're one of those, you'll either need to take medication to control your blood sugar levels or to inject insulin.

Your doctor will teach you how to inject yourself. This may sound a bit scary, but by keeping your blood sugar levels under control you'll be doing your best to keep yourself and your baby well.

When you go into labour and during your baby's birth, hospital staff will check and control your blood sugar levels. Keeping your blood sugar levels stable will help to prevent your baby developing problems after he's born.

Will I continue to have diabetes after my baby is born?

You'll be checked to see if you still have diabetes before you leave hospital. You'll also be offered a test for diabetes at your postnatal check and once a year from then on.

It's thought that up to one in five mums diagnosed with gestational diabetes actually already had type 2 diabetes before they conceived, without realising it.

Usually, though, gestational diabetes goes away after birth and you'll probably find your blood sugar levels return to normal.

If I've had gestational diabetes before, will I get it again?

You may do. If you've had gestational diabetes before, you'll either be asked to monitor your blood glucose yourself. Or you may be offered the OGTT between 16 weeks and 18 weeks of pregnancy. If that test is normal, you can have it again at 28 weeks, to be on the safe side.

If you've had gestational diabetes before and you had to treat yourself with insulin then you're more likely to get it again. Only a quarter of mums who needed insulin escape gestational diabetes in a later pregnancy.

If you've had gestational diabetes, you are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes later in life. You'll be given advice on maintaining a healthy diet, weight control and exercise to help cut your chances of this happening.

What can I do if I already have diabetes before I become pregnant?

If you have diabetes and are planning a pregnancy, take extra folic acid (5mg a day) while you are trying to conceive and for the first three months of pregnancy.

Birth defects are more likely in diabetic pregnancies compared to the general population. Taking extra folic acid will help prevent your baby developing a birth defect such as spina bifida caused by the neural tube not closing properly.

Try to make sure that your blood sugar levels are well under control before you conceive. If you do, you'll be in a better position to keep them under control throughout your pregnancy. This will reduce the risk of further health problems for you and your baby.

Your pregnancy will probably be considered high-risk, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you will have problems. Keeping your blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible increases your chances of having a trouble-free pregnancy.

Ok, so ini adalah diet yg sepatutnya di amalkan oleh GD mom to be just like Nora ;)

High fibre cereal (40g porridge, 40g no added sugar muesli, 2 x Shredded Wheat, 2 x Weetabix, etc) + 200ml skimmed milk + sweetener (optional)
and/or 1-2 slices granary bread with olive oil-based spread
200ml fruit juice
Mug tea/coffee

1-2 oatcakes or 1-2 digestive biscuits
Item fruit


2 slices granary bread + olive oil-based spread + slice deli chicken/ham or tuna in low fat natural yoghurt or smoked salmon
or 3-4 oatcakes or rye crispbread with cottage cheese
Mixed salad
Low fat / low sugar yoghurt
Drink water

1-2 oatcakes or 1-2 digestive biscuits
Item fruit
Mug tea/coffee

Evening Meal
120g chicken breast or 140g white fish or 120g lean meat
and (dry weight) 50g basmati rice or 50g wholewheat pasta or 5-6 small boiled new potatoes or small sweet potato
and loads of veg or large salad

2 slices granary bread with low fat cheese spread
Drink water

Ok, nie menu yg biasa Nora amalkan plak as per Dr advice ;)

2 slice roti gardenia kosong
1 mug of susu anmum
lots of plain water

2-3 slice cream cracker biscuits
1 apple / orange / pear 
lots of plain water

1 senduk of plain rice
lots of vege
1 ekor/slice fish
lots plain water

if xsempat mkn coz bz etc, nie plak menu dia

2/3 slice of Gardenia bread with salmon / mayonise spread
1 apple / pear / slice of fruits
Lots of plain water

2-3 slice of cream cracker biscuits
1 mug of milo-o
lots of plain water

1-2 slice of Plain Roti Gardenia
lots of plain water
1 cup of mee goreng
1 apple/pear/orange
lots of plain water

1 apple/pear/orange/banana or slice of fruits

ish ish sekali tgk balik my menu dah macam org tgh berdiet nak kurus, ada harapan if amalkan smpi lepas bersalin bole kurus balik dgn cemerlang, pulak tu dgn bantuan Premium Beautiful confirm meletops mak nyah ekekekekeke

oklah my dear frens..

nanti kita continue eh :)

Lot of luv,

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