22 November 2011

Good Communications

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Nak share something yg i get when surfing internet.. tapi honestly i lupa ambil kat mana. Anyway TQ for sharing for the kind heart writer :)

Top Tips for Good Communication 

There are several methods that an individual can use to maintain good communication skills:

  • Tailor the verbal greeting to the company. Whether it's 'hello,' 'hi,' 'good morning,' one must use a word that's part of the other person's language; trust intuition and go with the flow. 
  • Make an effort to memorize names and be sure to use them next time round, it’s a great way to impress and show one cares. 
  • Speak with enthusiasm but don’t rush, that betrays nerves, blurs speech and soon loses attention.
  • Be generous with compliments and gratitude, not a mere ‘thanks’, but 'thank you for your suggestion, that's really helpful.' 
  • Mirror the vocabulary of those around you, casual friends, work colleagues and so on, is it children or kids, manager or boss, aim to fit in. 
  • If the conversation dries up, be prepared and know what’s going on, mention the latest news, the latest trends. 
  • Keep a cool head if an argument arises, simply repeat your point without changing a word and move on. 

The Art of Conversation, Golden Rule for Small Talk

  • In social gatherings, the art of small talk means turning the spotlight on others. The more often the word 'you' comes into the picture, the more successful the conversation will appear. 
  • As an example, consultant Leil Lowndes suggests rephrasing ‘I like your dress’ as ‘this dress really suits you;' the latter is more personal for the listener.
  • That also means asking questions, listening to answers and showing genuine interest. 
  • Avoid inviting yes or no answers, phrase questions to open up possibilities, what do you like best about your job, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time. 
  • Likewise when answering, offer more than a single word, don’t hug the limelight but give others a chance to expand.

Ok peeps, after this kita brush up blk our skill wokeh :)

Semoga mendapat manfaat :)

Lots of Luv,

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