18 October 2011

Give Me Sales! - Don’t Fall Into The Most Common Sales Trap

Morning uolss...

Nak share something pasal sales.. ehehehe

Actually my profession sgt2 berbeza, bukan line sale pun :)

But like uolss semua tahu Nora involve part time bizz kan so I think this article really help ;)

Not only in MLM marketing tetapi related to with penjual nasi lemak, bakers, jual baju etc semua related, asal saje melibatkan BUSINESS !!

So happy reading uolss :)

Post on 04-Oct-11 by Edmond Yap

Give me more territory.  But I saw this client first.  Why is my colleague taking my client? How come HE gets handed the large clients and I’m stuck with the small ones.  We should get better commissions.

Wrong attitude folks.

Sales professionals in every industry and every type of economy consistently earn the highest pay cheques when compared to any of their colleagues.  If you earn the company RM1 million in sales, I won’t be surprised if you get back RM100,000 in commissions (depending on profit margins). Your administration manager, your head of marketing, your chief of engineering and your accounts manager would struggle to earn RM100k in a year. So if you’re not earning big bucks and you are not in your company’s top income bracket, something is wrong and it is time to find out what and why.

You will only earn big bucks and join the big boys in the sales profession when you throw away the entitlement mentality. So throw away the “Give me sales!” mentality. Instead, live the “I will earn my sale” mentality

This means: -

Knowing that your company doesn’t owe you a living. Instead, you and only you control your wallet’s destiny.

Stop thinking about yourself and how much you earn, think instead about how you can increase sales for the entire team and learn to work together with other sales professionals. Even think about cross selling partnerships and cross marketing efforts with friendly organizations.

Treat your customers the way you treat your family. Go the extra mile whenever you can and go beyond the call of duty and your scope of contract. This will lead you to so much referral sales that you will never have to do another cold call again.

Do the numbers; 

Don’t wait for the numbers to come to you. If you’re a sit-in sales person, waiting for the phone to ring to get sales, you are not a sales person you are an admin clerk and you’ll be paid just like an admin clerk. If you can go out and drive sales, you will be in extreme demand, because every single business out there will want you to be a part of your team.

I’m sorry guys, I wish it wasn’t true, but sales aren’t given to you. To succeed you go out there and earn sales for yourself with blood, sweat and tears. You’ll do it for yourself, you’ll do it for your family and most importantly, you’ll do it because you want to be of service to others.

So uolss,

so true kan, that the true colour of BUSINESS (what ever business, just name it)..

But Alhamdulillah in my beautiful business, memang we all ;

# Works as a great Team 
# Ada guidance from our beloved leader from A - Z
# Ada formula kejayaan [Ilmu + Bertindak + Rujuk = Kejayaan]
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So how,

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