15 August 2011

Benefits of Wearing Corset...

For some women when the thought of slipping on a Corset comes to mind, one can only think of lying down on the bed trying to squeeze into an uncomfortable garment that is two sizes too small, or maybe having to have someone else lace or snap up the back of the piece so that everything tightens correctly and stays in place. 

Some ladies are even fearful that by wearing a corset they may promote long term damage to their internal organs due to feeling a large amount of crushing pressure on their stomach and rib cages. 

This is not true, unless you wore a Corset very tightly every day in your very formative growing years, and most adult females do not have to worry about that.

Over the years Corsets have become a symbol of femininity, sexuality and intrigue. Women seek the look and feel of the corset to further enhance her own sexual image and over all well being of oneself.

A Corset is the perfect piece of lingerie to wear if you are looking to bring more sexual pleasure to the bedroom with just a hint of restraint. A Corset brings beauty to what you embody and to what you wear.

Corsets are meant to flatter a woman’s figure by providing a rather tight fit around the body and then pushing the breasts in an upward position. This creates a one of a kind eye catching look that is sure to please both you and your partner.

Many women seek the benefit of wearing a Corset to appear to have a more slimmed down look to their overall appearance. Some women report losing as much as 3 inches off their waist lines while they are wearing a Corset.

Another benefit to wearing a corset is that it can provide a great deal of lower back and overall posture support. 

The wonderful thing about wearing a Corset on a regular basis is that not only will it cure your bad slouching habits; it will permit a forwardness about you that gives off the allure you are prime and ready for a sexual encounter with your partner. 

If you are sitting up straight and walking straightforward, you are secretly giving off a more erotic and promiscuous aura about yourself that your partner will see and feel right away.

Around the turn of the 17th century, Corsets were made out of such eccentric items such as Whale Bone, Ivory, Metal and even types of wood. 

These were considered the stiffening agents to create the formation of the Corset. Many women wore them as a style agent more so than a way to attract a mate. 

With the Corset having such an uncomfortable fitting history it is amazing why it didn’t go down in history as being one of most intriguing sexual foreplay devices.

Today, such extreme materials are typically not used. Cording and elastic styled underlayments typically create the base or the “boning” for the modern day look of the Corset.

What lies underneath the outside material is not as important as to how the corset appears on the outside. 

Vinyl and leather corsets are some of the most popular styles in intimate apparel currently. Satin, silk and lace with sexy embellishments such as ribbons, studs, O-Rings and chains embellish today’s stylish and hot new looks.

Corsets can come in different lengths and styles. A full length corset that lies just below the belly is a good choice if you choose to wear this as a single lingerie piece and add a garter and thong as an attractive accompaniment to the look. 

A thong is a good choice to pair up with a more mid-drift styled corset. A matching pair of boy shorts or panties is also a steamy choice to provide a stellar and erotic sense of style to the overall appearance you are after.

Many Corsets are strapless at the top and the tightness around the waist area pushes everything upward and therefore making easier for your bust line to support the entire piece of lingerie. Even if you are smaller busted you can easily wear a Corset.

There are some ultra stylish Corsets that offer a collar or even straps on either side to create an area for embellishments such as studs and buckles and other stylish add ons.

When initially purchasing a Corset you may think special sizing requirements are needed, and that is not necessarily the case. Be sure to follow the manufactures sizing and chart guide as specified with the brand you are purchasing.

You do not want to purchase a corset that is too big or too small, actually at first you may feel that the corset is extremely tight fitting; this is a perfectly normal feeling to have. 

It may be a wise idea that after you have initially purchased your Corset to try wearing it around the house for a while before you wear it for an intimate encounter. 

You may feel slightly uncomfortable after you first have the corset on and after it is fully drawn up in the back. You may also need some help from your partner to get it on for the first time. 

As time goes by and the corset as been conformed to your bodies natural curves and figure it will be easier for you to move around more freely in. After a while, wearing a Corset will start to feel almost like second nature and ultimately a very comfortable piece of lingerie that you will truly take pleasure in wearing.

Because of how the Corset forces your body in an upright position, you may find some added health benefits while you are wearing your Corset. Breathing may become easier due to the fact your chest muscles are more opened up. 

Your back may hurt a bit at first and you may experience slight pain or discomfort the first few times you are wearing your corset, but in time your muscles will become stronger and firmer and you will feel a whole lot better.

Surprisingly after your body gets used to the position it is in from the corset, you may actually feel weak, and even out of sorts when you are not wearing it due to how well it supports your body and keeps your muscles in alignment. Surprisingly you may wonder why it took you so long to buy a Corset in the first place.

Not only are there countless benefits to wearing a Corset that will help improve your body image and overall health, the benefits it will have on your intimate lifestyle is a fabulous outcome well worth the desires and heated sexual experiences you will soon be achieving while wearing your Corset.

Source: blog.intimatewholesalers.com

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