21 June 2011

The Pursuit to Happyness

Last Wednesday night, masa nak tidurkan Rayyan macam biasa saya akn menonton TV ayat skema wokeh.  Tapi selalunyer will end up, TV yg tgk saya.

But unfortunately, that wednesday saya bump with this guy movie

Memula ingat boring or something sebab masa tu dia tgh havoc bergaduh dgn his wife.  But this is a motivational movie and saya tgk sampai habis with my hubby.

The movie sinopsis lebih kurang begini la kan ;

The Pursuit of Happyness is a 2006 American biographical drama film based on Chris Gardner's nearly one-year struggle with homelessness. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the film features Will Smith as Gardner, an on-and-off-homeless salesman-turned stockbroker.

The screenplay by Steven Conrad is based on the best-selling memoir written by Gardner with Quincy Troupe. The film was released on December 15, 2006, by Columbia Pictures. For his performance, Smith was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Actor.

In 1981, in San Francisco, Chris Gardner (Will Smith) invests his family's savings in portable bone-density scanners which he tries to demonstrate and sell to doctors. The investment proves to be a white elephant.   Which financially breaks the family and as a result, his wife Linda (Thandie Newton) leaves him and their son Christopher (Jaden Smith) and moves to New York. While downtown trying to sell one of his scanners, Chris meets a manager for Dean Witter and impresses him by solving a Rubik's Cube during a short cab ride. Chris does not have enough money for the cab fare and flees the cab driver into a subway station where he barely escapes the cab driver but loses one of his bone scanners in the process. This new relationship with the Dean Witter manager earns him the chance to become an intern stockbroker. Despite arriving there unkempt and shabbily dressed due to an emergency, Chris is offered the internship. Chris is further set back when his bank account is garnished by the IRS for unpaid taxes, and he and his young son are evicted. As a result they are homeless, and are forced at one point to stay in a bathroom at a subway station. Motivation drives him to find the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, which has a homeless shelter primarily for single mothers and their children. Due to demand for the limited rooms, Chris must frantically race from his internship work early each afternoon in order to land a place in line. Chris finds the bone scanner that he lost in the subway station from a demented man who believes it to be a time machine and it is now damaged, but Chris finally repairs it. Disadvantaged by his limited work hours, and knowing that maximizing his client contacts and profits is the only way to earn the one paid position that he and his 19 competitors are fighting for, Chris develops a number of ways to make phone sales calls more efficiently. He also reaches out to potential high value customers, defying protocol. One sympathetic prospect takes him and his son to a professional football game. Regardless of Chris's challenges, he never reveals his lowly circumstances to his co-workers, even going so far as to lend one of his bosses five dollars for a cab, a sum he can barely afford. 

Concluding his internship, Chris is called into a meeting with his managers. His work has paid off and he is offered the position. Fighting back tears, he rushes to his son's daycare, hugging him. They walk down the street, joking with each other and are passed by a man in a business suit (the real Chris Gardner in a cameo). The epilogue reveals that Chris went on to form his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm.

Review Nora :

Kegigihan dia menjual Bone Density Machine adalah sgt sayu and motivational.  Satu Machine adalah satu bulan household money.  If hilang satu habislah satu bulan punyer income.  Dia berangkut anak dia sampai ke malam semata-mata utk berjumpa Dr bg menjual Bone density machine dier.  Satu Machine $250.  

xpernah kenal jemu.  gigih mengejar impian utk bekerja sbg broker saham di syarikat terkemuka walau tau internship yg dia lalui selama 6 bulan belum tentu membuahkan hasil.. Sanggup spend masa smpi kerumah org semata-mata mahu mendapat clients.  sentiasa positive and tekun.  

I Laiiikeeeee this film !

OK, the best part of the movie adalah seperti dalam video ini...

This scene, masa dier dah break up dgn his wife tgh melayan anak dia bermain basketball.  But bagus the Chris is dia xpernah dump stress pada anak dia.  Sebab we know dia adalah sgt2 pressure xder keje, xder duit & homeless.

Masa nie dier tgh main bola keranjang dgn anak dier and terslip perkataan

"ayah xnak awak menjaringkan bola seperti ini siang dan malam"
Yes, rasanyer ini impian semua parents utk anaknyer berjaya and dpt kerja yg bergaji besar & hidup selesa.

but anaknyer adalah sgt meminati bola keranjang and bercita-cita menjadi pemain bola keranjang.. off course dia sedih bila dgr ayah dia ckp camtu

but akhirnya Chris says " DO you have a dreams ?"

"Protect your dreams, don't let anybody destroy your dream including me"

"If you have a dream work for it!"

so kengkawan,

if we have a dream go for it and protect them from pencuri impian kita..

eh impian pun ada pencuri ???  adaaaa.... so next entry saya buat cerita pasal pencuri impian


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